Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy a corset from Bad Attitude Boutique?
We take pride in the fact that every corset is individually cut and hand crafted by our own highly trained production staff. We use only the strongest Silks and Lambskin and the highest grade sprung metal imported parts because we want nothing less than your complete comfort and satisfaction. All our Corsets are cotton lined and come with a generous back flap. Let us know of any problems straight away and we will do all we can to remedy your concerns.

Do you wholesale Corsets?
All our Corsets are manufactured through the design house

Will Corsets help me lose weight?
It is our opinion that nothing takes the place of a healthy diet and exercise. Our clients that spend a lot of time wearing a Corset tell us they remember to eat less and sometimes feel fuller while wearing their Corsets for body modifying or waist training. Wearing a Corset only a few days a week will have little effect on one’s natural figure it will just make you look hot!

Are Corsets good for back troubles?
We only recommend using a Corset for Back Support when prescribed by a physician. We have many repeat customers with chronic back conditions, construction workers, wheelchair patients and all response to our products has been positive. Many men and women from teachers to computer geeks are wearing our corsets for support as well as a slenderized physique.

Regarding Corset contrast colors, what does BBT refer to?
BBT stands for Boning Binding and Trim. This refers to the piping you see on our silk corsets. This allows you to specify alternate contrast colors to further enhance the look, allowing for a variety of possibilities.

I would love to model for you, can you please tell me what I need to do to become a model on your site? 
Sorry but we are not engaging new models at this time. Although it is extremely flattering that you would like to model for us, we never use out of state models. Most of our models are just our friends. Almost all of the merchandise on the web that is not our handmade Corsets, Coats or Skirts are shot by the manufacturer of the items and not us. You will have to contact the manufacturers directly if you want to model for them.

If you are having a sale on items at the Las Vegas store, can I get the discount on my web order? 
Sorry but web and in store sales are not transferable. Most sales will be done on the web as well, but many physical store sales are close out and limited edition items. These are often not listed on the site. For best selection of sales items come in and join us whenever you visit Las Vegas. Several deals we offer on the web are NOT available in the shop. The same goes for items on sale in the shop, they may not be on sale through the website.

What is the difference between a Corset and Bustier?
Our Corsets are updated traditional Steel boned waist cinching device that provide a tremendous amount of back and or breast support while providing someone with a stunning silhouette. Corselets and Bustiers are lightly or plastic boned fashion look-alikes that are best suited for minor shaping with the look of a Corset.

What happens if I break the front busk?
I’m sorry to say you have ruined it. Always loosen your Corset before putting it on and taking it off. Struggling with the front because you refuse to loosen the Corset enough will weaken and eventually cause the demise of your lovely Corset. Don’t do it! Also damage may be caused by people bent over in their Corsets for long periods of time.

What if I order the wrong size or it doesn’t fit?
If you order an in stock item and it has no visible signs of wear or smell, we will exchange it within 7 days. If you place a custom order and are not honest about your true measurements we cannot make an item bigger. If you want us to remake your item for any reason or due to you giving us incorrect information we charge a 25% restocking fee for the return and payment in full including shipping again for the remake. All return shipping is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

How long do orders take?
In stock items are sent priority mail within 10 days from when funds clear our account. Custom orders take 5 to 6 weeks but we can rush your item for an additional charge. See pricing page.

What about International Shipping?
We do ship to all countries after all payments have cleared our bank or PayPal accounts. We currently ship via the USPS and all shipping and handling costs, insurance, fees and tariffs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

What size Corsets do you make?
We will accommodate all size requests. We stock some of our Corsets in sizes that will fit someone with up to a natural 46î waist. All waist sizes above that are made to order only.

What if I want to use my own fabric?
We do not give any sort of discount for using your fabric and we will not guarantee that the fabric you have chosen is strong enough to withstand the stress of tight lacing. Please make sure your fabrics are 500 thread count or better. We have worked hard to provide a variety of fabrics to choose from and we hope to accommodate you.

I want an item but it says "Temporarily Sold Out", can I still get it?
If you see an item that is "Temporarily Sold Out" it means that we will re-stock it once available from the manufacturer. If an item is truly no longer available, we either take it off the site or put it on final sale. We advise you to email us regarding the estimated time of arrival before ordering, but we will try to keep that info posted next to the item.

I saw the same item on another website for a lower price, do you price match?
Sorry, but we don’t because we know our quality is superior to most products out there. We think our pricing is competitive already, so feel free to shop elsewhere.